Why You Should Review Your Data Security NOW!

Cyber Attacks On The Rise

Another week, another serious data breach is fast becoming the new normal. Cyber security has always been a vital component of any decent IT Strategy and an all too frequent occurrence in the IT press, but as hackers become more and more sophisticated, and bigger names are affected, we are hearing about it more and more as mainstream news. The government have recently published research that finds many business leaders still don’t prioritise cyber security until after a major breach. Make sure you Review Data Security.

SME’s Need To Take Action

Too many SME’s are putting their heads in the sand and we often hear “Why would anyone want to attack our site or systems we aren’t big enough”. The idea and popular misconception that major data breaches only happen to larger companies or big names being specifically targeted is now dangerously outdated, and leaves smaller companies even more exposed. There has never been a better time to make sure you have the right IT provider in place who will help you shape and proactively enforce your data security requirements.

Take Action Before Your Own Data Breach

A government report, published by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) confirms:
“in response to these increasing levels of risk, nearly all participants acknowledged
the need for ever greater levels of vigilance and investment in cyber-security, as the
controls that were appropriate a few years ago are now seen as less effective. That
said, while interviewees from medium and large organisations said they tended to
have formal plans in place and budget allocated for further cyber security investment,
interviewees from smaller organisations were more likely to assert they did not,
largely citing resource constraints. Their response to the perceived growing cyber
security risk therefore appears to be largely piecemeal and reactive”

Find The Right IT Provider

The general manager and IT manager at one SME (10-49 employees) said the breach it suffered made the organisation “more vigilant” at senior management level. This heightened vigilance allowed both managers to get immediate sign-off from the board when it came to contracting a new IT provider. This came after the previous company was blamed for a slow response to an attack which saw an email intercepted and client funds were stolen.

What Can I Do To Prevent Cyber Attacks?

With an estimated 40% of UK businesses having experienced some form of attempted cyber attack, don’t let this happen to you. Talk to us at KeyInsite about keeping your cyber security up to date. We pride ourselves in being proactive and providing 24/7 round the clock support to give our clients peace of mind. We also give you guaranteed response times so you can be sure we’ll be there to help even in case of emergencies.

Review Data Security