Uncover the true state of your cybersecurity today.

All too often small to medium size companies fall victim to Cybersecurity attacks. While its very easy to become overwhelmed when developing a cybersecurity strategy, the reality is that cybercrime always changes, and the best way to start is to assess where you stand.

Once strengths and weaknesses are clear, you can build proactive strategies to keep attacks at bay. We have recently invested in professional cybersecurity testing software to keep abreast of the increasing risk cyber crime poses to our clients. Why not take advantage of our risk assessment report which will identify the strengths and weaknesses in your business and help you develop a robust strategy to keep your business and staff protected.

We are currently offering a free external cybersecurity check, including dark web scanning, to make sure none of your passwords are compromised.
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Cybersecurity - Common Threats

Phishing: Hackers use phishing to trick people into giving away sensitive information such as passwords, by posing as a trustworthy person or entity. We offer protection against phishing using a combination of email security, browsing, endpoint protection, perimeter posture and awareness culture.
Ransomware: This type of malware encrypts a victim’s files or data and demands payment in exchange for decryption and can be a high cost threat to any business but particularly SME’s. We set up and manage highly effective anti viral solutions as well as offering continual server and email monitoring.
Data Loss: Loss and leaking of sensitive information can have severe consequences, including financial losses, reputational damage and legal implications. Our cloud services and other data security services will help protect you and more importantly preempt any potential problems.
User Risk: Users are the first line of defense against any cyber attack but can also be the weakest link. Its vital that your staff undergo regular cybersecurity training as well as being protected through monitoring. Keyinsite can help with staff awareness and training as well as technical requirements.


Our Values

Integrity and honesty are important to us and providing you with an excellent service is what we are all about. We recently asked our customers what they thought of us and used their feedback to confirm the values that are at the core of our business:

Reliable Always there when you need us, all day, every day.
Proactive We prevent problems before they happen.
Thorough We keep going to do the best for you.
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