Everything You Need To Know About VoIP Services

It is fair to say that all businesses these days use both mobile phones and landline phones. Being able to easily communicate with both colleagues and customers/clients is essential to business success and, for this reason, having the best communications package is more important than ever before. However, with so many different options to consider and such a vast range of phone providers to choose from, it is also more confusing than ever before.

Many businesses these days aren’t aware that there is an additional option that can be incredibly beneficial for them to consider when they’re looking into communication packages; VoIP solutions. You may have never heard of VoIP services before but they are perfect for businesses of all sizes nowadays. So to help anyone wanting to find out more about VoIP, here is a short guide covering all of the basics. 

What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and you may also hear it referred to as IP telephony. This service is slightly different from using a traditional phone line and it is essentially where you make telephone calls through the internet. 

Whilst this may sound quite complicated, when using a VoIP phone, it is unlikely that you will notice a huge difference. Some users simply refer to a VoIP phone as a broadband phone and they are incredibly straightforward to use. 

It is worthwhile noting, however, that you can make VoIP calls from many different devices. Often, businesses will replace their landline phones with specialised IP phones, but you can also make VoIP calls from computers and smartphones too. Essentially, you can call from anywhere that has access to the internet. 

How does VoIP work?

Without going into too much detail, a VoIP system works by converting standard analogue voice signals into digital signals that can be transmitted over the internet. So, simply put, your audio will become digital data which will then be sent via your broadband line. 

There are many different VoIP systems available nowadays, but the most popular and well-known tends to be 3CX. This is a software-based phone system and if you’d like to find out more in this regard, our expert team will be able to provide you with jargon-free additional information. 

What are the benefits of VoIP services?

Often, businesses turn to VoIP services because they enable them to bypass their traditional phone line, phone provider and also call charges. Here are the two main benefits of doing this; 

  1. Reduced costs 

Businesses who frequently use their landlines to make calls to mobile phones and overseas numbers will be aware of just how expensive this can be. Depending on your current traditional phone provider, you may be spending hundreds of pounds a month to make essential calls. 

When you use VoIP, you can dramatically reduce your costs, especially when calling between internal VoIP extensions as this will be completely free. So, if you have offices and/or employees in different countries, this can make a huge difference to you. 

  1. Increased flexibility 

Many employees can only answer calls when they’re at their desk and able to physically get to their landline phone. Whilst this isn’t an issue for some, for others who require more flexibility, it can hinder them and make them miss many important phone calls. 

With VoIP, not only can you easily direct your office number to your mobile whenever you’re not in the office, but you can even transfer a call that you’re in the middle of to your mobile too. You will only need one contact number and you will also seem much more professional.

Finding a company that provides VoIP services in Berkshire 

Hopefully, you will now know a little bit more about VoIP services and just how beneficial they can be to businesses nowadays. There is no denying that when contemplating which communications package to choose, it is worthwhile to carefully consider whether VoIP services would be a good option for your business. Should you ever require any assistance or additional information in this regard, our team at Key Insite will gladly assist you further. 

Here at Key Insite, we are proud to offer VoIP services in Berkshire and you can guarantee that we are the perfect people to reach out to in this regard. Unlike other companies who may offer you VoIP phone services, we also provide on-going maintenance and management to our clients, and you can rely on us to provide you with comprehensive support in this regard. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions at all about our VoIP services, we will happily answer these for you. 

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