Are you prepared for remote working?

There are a number of reasons why staff sometimes need to work from home. Travel issues, family emergencies and illness have always had an impact on whether an employee is in the office and bad weather conditions and flooding seem to cause problems every year.

Now with the potential coronavirus health epidemic we are being told staff may have to work from home for extended periods of time so it’s a good time to make sure you’ve considered your options. It’s always a good idea to consider remote working as part of your business continuity plan anyway but the important thing is to be prepared and today with the right resources and technology it’s easier than ever.

There are various ways we can help you to enable staff working from home, including VPN access, remote desktop and supplying additional laptops and phones. More importantly we can help you consider the questions you need to ask to make sure your IT doesn’t let you down in the event of workplace change.

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