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Why Us

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So Why Choose Key Insite Over Anyone Else?


When we founded Key Insite, we made a promise to ourselves and our clients that continues today: We promise to use our expertise, experience and focus on always doing that little bit extra to provide your business and people with the best possible IT Support. Our customers are important to us and so we asked them, why they chose us over the competition. They said it was because we are:

•    Responsive and Proactive
•    Friendly and Honest
•    Knowledgeable
•    A Partner You Can Trust

IT Support Company Key Insite Reading, Surrey, Berkshire, London

Responsive and Proactive: We respond quickly to your enquiries and carry this through in the service we provide every day.
•    We correct IT Issues and proactively maintain and prevent issues
•    When things are wrong, we make them right. When things are right, we keep them that way and make them even quicker, more reliable, and more efficient

Friendly and Honest: Our customers like that we are honest, approachable and friendly. They feel happy picking up the phone and know we can explain things, jargon-free.
•    We like to help you construct the most effective IT solutions for your business, through open and honest advice
•    We insist on honesty and transparency in everything we do. We never oversell products and never offer inappropriate solutions
•    We promise to be frank, open and upfront in our advice and provide only the highest possible level of service to all our clients, big or small

IT Support London, Reading, Surrey, Berkshire and beyond


Knowledgeable: Key Insite is seen as the most knowledgeable in the area of IT expertise and someone our customers could trust with their information technology and future business plans
•    Our engineers have a wealth of experience across a range of services
•    We also provide strategic advice on the latest trends and how you can plan for the future


A Partner You Can Trust
•    We don’t just want your money - we want your appreciation too. So we always endeavour to find the perfect balance in what makes your company operate most effectively. We like to build a harmonious relationship with you, that will be successful for years rather than months

But, of course, we know the proof of the pudding is in the eating so if you are looking for IT support , IT consultancy and have concerns around your IT security, please get in touch to open up the conversation and let us prove how much of a commercial advantage hiring Key Insite could be for your company. You’re only as good as the service you provide. So please read some of the quotes of what our clients themselves say about us.