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Technology Enables New Ways of Working and Caters for Younger Generations

As well as covering trends that directly impact your business, we like to cover topics of interest to small businesses and some that have been covered in the news over the last 6 months. One such example is that of smaller businesses reducing overhead costs and improving employee flexibility, using cloud-based technologies - helping also cater for a younger, 'Y' generation that will require more flexibility. The example is of a company, with 11 employees, all working remotely - and in different parts of the world. The article in the BBC news covers some different technologies that the business finds useful, to help improve communication, bonding and ideas sharing, which we thought you might find of interest:

  • Intuitive project management: Through software called 'Trello', whereby it is like being in a board room and they can put ideas on a board, that others can add comments and thoughts to
  • Bonding and chat: Through Skype
  • File sharing: Using Dropbox
  • Deliveries and handling: Outsourced through a company new Newbury called Intermail

Interestingly, they also comment on a trend mentioned above, of the younger generation that will not want to sit in an office for 40 hours a week. They comment, "Generation Y has no intention whatsoever of sitting at the same desk for 40 hours of every single week. Those staying in their office all week will become as outdated as the landline and fax machine."

We commented on the benefits of cloud technologies in a previous blog, but this article also notes, "Using cloud-based systems and services is cost-efficient. You only pay for what you use, and you won't be bound by long contracts." Interesting to have a good example of a small business radically changing the way it does business, because of technology.

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