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Facebook Kills The Admiral's Plan

A request by insurance company Admiral to trial a scheme whereby the contents of the Facebook profiles of young drivers would be used in order to judge their safety as drivers (and thereby influence their insurance premiums) has been given the thumbs down by Facebook.

Judged on Posts and Likes.

Admiral’s idea for the trial is reported to have been for the insurance company to look at the posts and likes on a young driver’s Facebook profile and to use them in deciding the level of risk of the driver.

Security Fears About Software Than Can Copy Your Voice

After its unveiling in a live demo at the Max Conference San Diego last week, Adobe’s Project VoCo audio / voice manipulation software has been the subject of some concern over its potential for misuse.

What Is Project VoCo?

Project VoCo is an audio editing program that enables you to edit speech as easily as you can text or pictures. This is why it has also been dubbed the “Photoshop of speech”.

How Does It Work?

Stripe Launches New Payments Apps Directory

Customers of payment services company Stripe are to be given access to a new directory of some 300 compatible apps that can be integrated and used with their existing Stripe services to make more meaningful and value adding use of the data.

Who / What Is Stripe?

Stripe is a San Francisco based company (valued at around $5 billion) who, like Paypal, provide a means for businesses to accept payments online (a payment gateway).