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EE Clutches Onto No.1 Spot

The level of competition in the mobile network market has now become so fierce that O2, Three, and Vodafone have made inroads into EE’s lead in overall market share.

EE Still Leading

The latest mobile network performance report from RootMetrics, which covers the first half of 2017, has revealed that that BT-owned EE is still the UK’s top-performing network even though its rivals have been giving it some serious competition in the market by investing in network improvements.

Depends Which Country

Tech Tip: Quickly Show The Preview Pane Using Keyboard Shortcut

If you’re still using Windows 7, there’s a handy keyboard shortcut that allows you to quickly show the preview pane. Here’s how to use it:

Rather than using the slower method of using icon in the top right of Windows Explorer :

  • Hit ALT+P to show or hide the pane.
  • Resize the pane for a more detailed view.

Drones To Be Registered, Users To Be Tested

The UK government announced last week that drones need to be registered and users may have to undergo safety awareness tests soon.

Accountability and Responsibly

New government rules mean that drones weighing 250 grams and above now need to be registered online. Owners of these drones will also have to take safety awareness tests to determine their knowledge of UK safety, security, and privacy regulations. The government hopes that these new rules will help to develop accountability among drone owners and encourage them to act responsibly.

House of Lords Investigating AI 'Ethics'

With the advancement of artificial intelligence, the House of Lords Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence (AI) is calling on academics, experts, industry insiders, and the public for feedback on the social, economic, and ethical implications of the technology.

Information and Evidence Gathering

Appointed by House of Lords on 29 June 2017, the committee has been tasked to gather evidence and prepare a report by 31 March 2018, and will start listening to statements of evidence in the autumn.

Mobile Banking Iris-Scanning

This September, TSB customers will just have to look at their phone’s camera to access mobile banking services thanks to the introduction of iris-scanning authentication.

Iris-Scanning Access

TSB customers with Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+ will be the first in Europe to use iris-scanning technology to unlock their TSB banking app. As always, users will be required to register their biometric data within the app first, and then use it in lieu of passwords and personal identification numbers.

Authentication Most Secure

New 'Pay To Read' Facebook Content Model

It has been reported that in a move to satisfy the publishers on its social network, Facebook may soon be moving over to charging its users for reading news on its platform.

Keeping Publishers Happy

Facebook is reported to be in the early stages of talks with various news organisations and publishers on monetising news that is currently being consumed by Facebook users for free on its platform.

This means the company could soon support subscription-based revenue models, making users pay for news and information.

Tech Tip: Stop Default Microsoft Edge

In Windows 10, the Microsoft Edge Browser has a habit of trying to open everything as the default app.

To stop this, and to be able to re-assign your own defaults for many different services and applications:

  • Open Settings and go to System.
  • Find "Default Apps” (near the bottom of the options list).
  • Choose / re-assign your defaults from the list, and even assign them by the type of file they open.