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Microsoft Halts Support for Older Versions of Internet Explorer - Which Are You Using?

As per an article in InfoWorld, Microsoft has announced that it would give customers 17 months to stop using older versions of Internet Explorer (IE), including the most popular of them all, IE8. In a surprise announcement, they said that after Jan.

Avoid Being Taken to Court over 0845

Avoid Being Taken to Court Over 0845 and other 08 Numbers

Something that has changed recently on the communications' front, that we just wanted you to be aware of, is the regulations over 0845 and other 08 numbers - which many businesses use. The reasoning was that if someone has to complain, they shouldn't be paying a premium rate in some cases, plus these numbers aren't included in free mobile phone minutes on phone tariffs. 

Protecting your Business from Cyber-Threats

You have probably seen a lot in the news recently about 'cybercriminals' and have concerns over how this will affect your small to medium-sized business. We will likely post more on this in future, so they are in bite-size chunks, but for now, see some information below and what you can be doing to protect your business. As the BBC reports in reference to the image here, "Evgeniy Bogachev, said to be known as "lucky12345" and "slavik", is accused of being involved in attacks on more than a million computers."