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US Government Wants Your Data

Reports from Apple and Google indicate that there has been a dramatic increase in the last year in the number of requests by the US government for user account details.

Requests To Google Hits Six-Year High

Requests to Google are reported to have reached a six-year high in the in the first half of 2017, with the US government reportedly seeking details about 48,902 user accounts. This is a 24% increase in requests over the last six months of 2016.

EC Pushes Tech Companies To Remove Hate

Technology companies are coming under renewed pressure, this time from the European Commission (EC), to take measures to rid their platforms of hate speech and terrorist materials, or face the threat of legislation.

Propaganda Surge

According to the EC, despite a recent increase in the amount of terrorist propaganda, xenophobic and racist speech online, technology and social media companies have not been acting quickly or proactively enough to detect it, remove it, or to stop it from appearing on their platforms.

Tech Tip: Your Mobile: Accessing The Quick Settings Panel on Android

If you’d like a fast route to a place that offers one-tap toggles to some of your Android device's most commonly used functions, try the Quick Settings panel. You can get there superfast by using a shortcut:

  • Swipe down from the top of your screen with two fingers (to skip the standard notification panel).
  • Start toggling to your favourite functions in the fully expanded Quick Settings section.

Tech Tip : Remove Clutter From Your Search Results

If you ever find that you're getting unwanted search results, you can quickly and easily narrow down the list by using the minus sign.

Here's a classic example; let's say that you're interested in natural history and wanted to know more about a jaguar.

However, the (organic) results may display local Jaguar dealerships. You can modify your search with a negative keyword like this :

Jaguar -car

Or even use several modifiers like this to suppress even more irrelevant results, like this ...

Equifax... Spoof Site

Equifax, the  firm beleaguered by a record hack which compromised millions of sensitive, personal details (multi-nationally) has made yet another world-class slip-up.

Wrong URL Tweeted
Further to the recent revelations that over 143 million people had been compromised (potentially 44 million+ in the UK alone), it appears  that their staff mistakenly tweeted an incorrect web address, causing people to be sent to a false website which could have had disastrous consequences.

Two Hours Or Less To Remove Terrorist Content

Speaking at the United Nations, Prime minister Theresa May said technology companies must go "further and faster" in removing extremist content.

Given the recent increase in terror-related incidents in London and Manchester (and other European cities), it's likely her statements will have resonated with many leaders.

Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft will also meet with the PM, where she will request them to find ways to remove content within a 2 hour-or-less timeframe.

Companies and Governments Must Work Together

Outcry as Uber Loses London Licence

Taxi-booking giant Uber will lose its licence to operate in London at the end of September.

The ruling, made by regulators at Transport for London, was because they deemed Uber was "not fit and proper". London Mayor Sadiq Khan publicly endorsed the decision.

Uber has had a catalogue of complaints and bad press recently so this decision was not a massive surprise. 

Security Concerns